CRL 2-8 Inch Sliding Vane Pumps

Ductile-Iron Pump for Bulk Transfer of Liquefied CO2 Transfer Applications

CRL 2- to 8-in pumps, which are part of the Cavitation Line of sliding vane pumps, are widely used for rugged bulk-transfer and recirculation applications which include industrial and food-processing systems, refrigeration, process plants and transport loading and unloading.

The 2-, 3-, 4-in port size models have capacities ranging from 25 to 300 U.S. gpm (95-1134 L/min), and the 8-in port size model has capacities up to 1,020 gpm (3,861 L/min). All models have a double-ended drive shaft arrangement, which allows the pump to be easily positioned for clockwise or counterclockwise shaft rotation. These pumps are equipped with an internal relief valve, and a replaceable casing liner and end discs for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber if ever necessary.

Standard construction materials for these models include silicon carbide mechanical seals and laminate vanes. Ports are offered with NPT tapped companion flanges or weld flanges (see companion flange chart below). Maximum differential pressure is 100 psi (6.89 bar) for all models.

Standard base-mounted unit assemblies are available from the factory with helical gear reduction or V-belt drives. All assembled units are available with or without motors. For dimensions of assembled pump units, refer to catalog dimension sheets. Alternate drive arrangements include P.T.O., hydraulic motor or engine drivers.