High Pressure Gas Master Valves HP9560 Series

Standard Bonnet Valve
Standard Bonnet Valve

The HP9560 Series high pressure brass valves are used on cylinder filling panels, tube trailers, and other high pressure manifolds and piping systems. The HP9560 Series exhibits a very low operating torque under pressure for ease of manual operation.


5600 PSI (386 Bar) maximum working pressure

Non-rising stem design with O-Ring Seal for durable service.

Large brass handwheel for easy low torque operation under pressure.

All valves cleaned for use in oxygen per CGA G-4.1.

Temperature range -40°F to +165°F.

100% Factory Tested


Body, bonnet, stem, and seat retainer, stem seal
retaining rings and washer ……………………Brass
Stem O-ring ………………………………………Viton
Handwheel Washer …………………………..PCTFE

Soft Seat Option

The soft seat valves use a CTFE seat disc in the seat retainer to create a “bubble-tight” seal against a machined seat surface on the brass body. Valve Cv is 2.6. The soft seat option is especially useful for small molecule gases like hydrogen and helium, but can be used for a variety of non-corrosive industrial gases including oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and acetylene.

Metal Seat Option:

A copper seat disc is used in the seat retainer to create a seal against a Monel body seat, which is installed into the body and can be replaced. Valve Cv is 2.3. The metal seat option minimizes the possibility of seat decomposition or ignition in oxygen service under adiabatic compression. The metal seat option is recommended for oxygen, and can also be used for other non-corrosive industrial gases. The metal seat option is not to be used for acetylene due to the copper seat. Not to be applied in hydrogen or helium service or where a “bubble-tight” seal is essential.

Nylon seat option:

Available also (ex. 9560NB).

Bonnet Versions:

• Standard Bonnet for low profile.
• Panel Mount Bonnet for ease of panel installation. Includes threaded bonnet and nickel plated brass mounting nut. Metal Seat Option 1.625” diameter panel hole required for mounting.