CRL Serie

In response to the specific requests of the main CO2 marketers of a more durable pump, capable of handling higher working pressures in the liquid CO2 service, Blackmer accepted the challenge of designing a pump that met or exceeded the specifications of the marketers Designed for maximum performance and reliability in the most severe service conditions.

Features and benefits:

    • Cavitation suppression coating design to reduce noise, vibration and wear normally caused by entrained vapors.
    • The casing liners and replaceable end disks allow the pumping chamber to be easily rebuilt under conditions similar to the new ones
    • Ductile iron construction with internal relief valve.
    • Unique design of sliding vane pump that automatically adjusts to wear to maintain flow rates.
    • Excellent self-priming and dry running capabilities.
    • The mechanical seal and the construction of Blackmer ball bearings provide maximum reliability
    • The symmetrical bearing support ensures uniform load and wear for a long service life.
    • The adjustable relief valve protects the pump against excessive pressure.
    • External ball bearings are isolated from pumping by mechanical seals to maximize bearing life and minimize the risk of contamination.
    • Easy maintenance: the blades can be easily replaced without disassembling the pump from the piping system.
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