BV Series Bypass Valves



The Blackmer BV 1 bypass valve is designed to protect against damage to the pump and cylinder filling system components caused by increased pressure.

The Blackmer BV 1 bypass valve is also called a differential bypass valve. It is mounted on the pump to provide strict control of the pressure level, even despite the highly changing flow regime. The Blackmer BV 1 holds a pressure of 6.89 bar with an increase in fluid flow from 10 to 100 gallons / min. (38 to 378 l / min.) There are no small and easily clogged valves in the valve. It has only 2 moving elements, the operation of which is simple and reliable. And in the cavity is a shock absorber, which softens its closure.

Blackmer® BV Series bypass valves have no small, easily plugged, sensing passages; and with only two moving parts, their operation is simple and reliable. They open precisely at the preset spring pressure, and they close smoothly and quietly, thanks to a patented dash-pot design. A small chamber in the valve stem fills with liquid when the valve opens. This liquid then provides a hydraulic cushion preventing the valve from slamming shut if pressure is suddenly released. It also minimizes chatter and valve seat wear when pressures hover around the crucial limit.