1” Rotogages for Large Mobile and Stationary Containers A9090 Series


Body Steel
Stem Steel
Dip Tube Seamless Steel
Indicator Malleable Iron
Dial Plate Aluminium
Vent Stem Stainless Steel

Rotogages® are designed to provide an accurate determination of LPGas or anhydrous ammonia container contents. They mount in a standard 1” NPT coupling on large mobile or stationary containers.

To operate the Rotogages®, the vent valve is opened and the dip tube rotated slowly from the container vapor space to the liquid space. The difference in appearance of the discharge indicates when the liquid level is reached. Dial readings then indicate the percentage of product in the container.


    • Supported design (TS Models) eliminates whipping and the need for internal support hangers.
    • Resistance-free nylon bearing inserts reduce friction and promote operating ease.
    • Dial face is dual calibrated to provide greater accuracy in reading contents in containers which are not level.
    • Interchangeable accessory dials permit interchangeable service between LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia.