Sight Flow Indicators for Bulk Plants A7794 and A7796

Designed to promote maximum pump efficiency, these indicators enable bulk plant operators to visually inspect liquid flow conditions. With glass on both sides of the indicator, flow can be observed from either side, even under some poor light conditions. The integral swing check also serves as a back-check valve to prevent reverse flow and product loss if the hose fails in a loading operation.

By installing an indicator on the upstream side of the plant pump, suction conditions can be observed and the pump speed adjusted to obtain the maximum possible flow rate without cavitation. Additionally, if an indicator is installed in the piping at the loading rack, just ahead of the loading hose, the operator can maintain a constant check on pump conditions.

Both installations are designed to allow for observation to provide maximum pump efficiency and assure safe plant pump operation.

In compressor operations a sight flow indicator installed in the liquid line will give a visual indication when the tank car or transport is emptied. Compressor operation can then be immediately reversed to start recovery of the vapor


    • Body Ductile Iron
    • Swing Check Stainless Steel
    • Check Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber
    • Glass Polished, Ground and Tempered
    • Tested to 2,500 PSIG.