2” & 3” Swing-Check ESVs for Bulk Plants A6016 Series and A6024 Series

Sturdy Rugged Construction

    • Will withstand hydraulic shock of sudden closings, piping strains, and temperature variations.
    • Valve has only two moving parts, stem and close/thermal trigger.
    • 6016 is UL listed for use in LP-Gas as an emergency and operating shut-off valve.
    • Stem seals are spring loaded for leak free performance at low temperatures/pressures.


Body Ductile Iron Cad Plated
Stem Stainless Steel
Seat Stainless Steel
Seat Disc (6016) High Temperature Viton
Seat Disc (AA6016) Synthetic Rubber
Springs Stainless Steel
Gaskets Teflon

Designed for installation in liquid transfer lines at LP-Gas or Anhydrous Ammonia bulk plants to provide for quick shut-off of liquid or vapor flow in the event of an accidental pull-away, line break, or hose rupture.


    • Fusible Element is located in the thermal fuse assembly which acts at the latch open and close trigger. When exposed to fire, the element melts at 212 degrees F. allowing the shaft to return to the closed position.
    • Valve can be opened by use of operating lever, if a pneumatic actuator is used it will open with the actuator.
    • Valve can be closed by remote cable or pneumatic actuator.
    • Valve can be closed by simply pushing the operating lever down, it is not necessary to trip the close trigger.
    • Seat Disc is retained by a metal seat to minimize leakage in case direct fire impingement.
    • Straight through design allows for a liquid flow of 230 GPM (LPG) with only a 1 psig drop. (6016)
    • Quick closing regardless if the pump is running or not.