Threaded Internal Valves For Bobtail Delivery Trucks, Transports and Stationary Storage Tanks A3213R Series

Designed primarily for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia for liquid withdrawal; vapor transfer or vapor equalization of bobtail delivery trucks, transports, stationary storage tanks, and in-line installations. The valve may be operated manually by cable or pneumatically.


    • May be installed in full and half couplings.
    • Nylon bearing supported operating shaft provides smooth, easy operation.
    • Simple operating lever facilitates easy adaptation of all cable controls.
    • Midway stem position allows for quicker pressure equalization.
    • All critical operating components are located in the valve body inside the container coupling for maximum protection against physical damage.
    • Built in excess flow valve.
    • Return spring returns the valve to the closed position when the handle is released.
    • Specify RegO® Internal Valves on your next new tank body or when your tank is rebuilt.
    • A3213PA pneumatic actuator provides a convenient means of opening and closing the valve from a remote location, using either air or nitrogen for A3213R service valves.


Body Ductile Iron
Operating Lever Cadmium Plated Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Springs Stainless Steel
Seat Disc Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Shaft Bearing Nylon