Flange Seal Globe and Angle Valves for Bulk Storage Containers, Filling Hoses and Plant Piping 7704, 7705 and 7706 Series


Designed to assure positive shut-off and long maintenance-free service life in liquid or vapor service. Ideally suited for use on cylinder charging manifolds, truck filling hoses, bulk storage containers and plant piping.

The high quality construction and wide variety of sizes make them highly suited for use with LP-Gas, anhydrous ammonia and in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


    • Available with either a brass bonnet and bronze stem for LP-Gas service or a steel bonnet and stainless steel stem for combined LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia service.
    • Flange seal stem provides for leak-proof operation. No packing to retighten or replace.
    • Metal-to-metal back seat permits replacement of the flange ring with the valve in service.
    • Plugged ¼” NPT boss on downstream side of valve accommodates hydrostatic relief valve or vent valve.
    • Swivel seat disc minimizes grinding on the body seat and assures longer service life.
    • “Dropped seat” body design of the angle valve provides high flow capacity.


Body Ductile Iron
Bonnet (7704, 05, 06) Brass
Bonnet (7704, 05, 06) Steel
Stem (7704, 05, 06) Bronze
Stem (7704, 05, 06) Stainless Steel
Flange Ring Synthetic Rubber
Seat Disc Synthetic Rubber