Double Check Filler Valves for Forklift, Motor Fuel and RV Tanks 7647 Series

Designed to provide fast filling of forklift, motor fuel, and recreational vehicle tanks.


    • Resilient seat disc in lower check designed to provide a gas tight seal without leakage.
    • Double back check provides added system protection.
    • 7647SA has 30º angle on hose connection. Makes connection and disconnection easier for certain engine fuel applications.
    • Large 1¾” wrench flats on 7647SC allow use of socket wrench for easy installation.
    • Specify RegO® Filler Valves on all your original tank purchases to insure quality and dependable performance.


Upper Body Brass
Lower Body Brass
Springs Stainless Steel
Washer and Seat Discs Resilient Synthetic Rubber
Cap Plastic