Chek-Lok Excess Flow Valves 7590U and 7591U Series

Chek-Lok® Excess Flow Valves are designed to provide a convenient means of withdrawing liquid from stationary containers prior to moving the container. The Chek-Lok® permits one transfer shut-off valve with an adapter to be used interchangeably on a number of tanks.

The 7590U and 7591U Chek-Loks® are also designed for use on permanent installations provided the excess flow valve is sized properly for the system and piping. NOTE: In some cases, it may be necessary to use an in-line excess flow valve to protect the downstream piping. This valve is not recommended for use as a liquid source for pumps.


    • Extra strength connection between body and adapter provides increased strength.
    • Weep hole in cap provides indicator to verify Chek-Lok® is closed before cap removal.
    • Heavy duty brass cap requires at least 31/2” full turns for removal.
    • O-ring seal on adapter provides a gas tight seal before the adapter opens the equalizing stem.
    • Eliminates need for individual transfer valves at each container.
    • UL listed.


Body Brass
Stem Brass
Spring Stainless Steel
Seals Sunthetic Rubber
Valve Poppet Brass
Gasket Nylon