Flange Seal Liquid Transfer Angle Valves for Bulk Storage Containers 7550 and 7551 Series



Body (7550, 51) Brass
Body (A7550, 51) Cadmium Plated Ductile Iron
Bonnet (7550, 51) Brass
Body (A7550, 51) Steel
Stem (7550, 51) Bronze
Stem (A7550, 51) Stainless Steel
Flange Ring Synthetic Rubber
Seat Disc Synthetic Rubber

Designed especially for liquid transfer of LP-Gas from consumer bulk storage containers when used with a Chek-Lok® or equipped with an integral excess flow valve. May also be used for vapor LP-Gas service.

In NH3 applicator tanks they may be used as a vapor bleeder valve or as a liquid withdrawal valve when installed in a coupling with a dip pipe.

These liquid transfer valves are equipped with an integral excess flow valve for liquid transfer directly from the tank fitting, or without an integral excess flow for LP-Gas transfer through a Check-Lok®.

When equipped with an integral excess flow valve (7550PX), the valve should be mounted in a forged steel 3000 lb. half coupling. When mounted in a 1¼” x ¾” NPT reducing coupling, the ¾” female thread in this coupling must be full length — equivalent to a forged steel 3000 lb. half coupling.

The excess flow valve will not function properly if these specifications are not met. Refer to the Warning Bulletin in the Excess Flow Valve Section of this catalog.


    • Flange seal stem design provides for leak-proof operation. No packing to retighten or replace.
    • Large, unrestricted interior ports reduce pressure drop through the valve, increasing capacity and preventing cavitation.
    • Resilient swivel seat disc assures longer seat life and easy, positive shut-off.
    • Plugged ¼” NPT outlet boss accommodates hydrostatic relief valve or vent valve.
    • Specifically designed for liquid transfer of LP-Gas with the Chek-Lok®.