Single Check Filler Valves for Storage Tanks with Supplementary Back Check Valves 3174C, 3194C and 6584C


Designed for use with RegO® Back Check Valves to provide fast filling of bulk storage tanks. Also may be used as a spare or replacement part.

These single check filler valves must never be installed directly into container couplings. They must be used with the appropriate back check valve to comply with NFPA Pamphlet #58.


    • Specifically for use with RegO® Back Check Valves.
    • 6584C stem assembly reduces turbulence during filling and promotes higher filling rates.
    • Specify RegO® Filler Valves on all your original tank purchases to insure quality and dependable performance.


Upper Body Brass
Lower Body Brass
Springs Stainless Steel
Washer and Seat Discs Synthetic Rubber
Cap (3194C, 6584C) Brass
Cap (3174C) Plastic

Vapor Equalizing Valves

RegO® Vapor Equalizing Valves consist of an upper back check valve and lower excess flow valve. In the closed position, the attachment of a vapor hose coupling with its projecting nozzle, opens the back check valve to permit flow in either direction. The lower excess flow valve is designed to close automatically when flow out of the container being filled exceeds the rated capacity. The valve closes automatically when the coupling is removed. Like the double-check filler valves, the vapor equalizing valves utilize a two-piece body construction. The lower excess flow valve will permit some leakage when the upper back check valve is removed for emergency repairs or replacement.

RegO® Vapor Equalizing Valves are designed for use in both ASME and DOT containers.