Vent Valves 3165C, 3165S and TSS3169

Especially designed to bleed off liquid or vapor pressures trapped in transfer lines. When installed in the downstream boss of RegO® globe and angle valves used at the end of a liquid transfer hose, the bleeder valve allows for the controlled venting of the product and indicates to the operator that the valves are closed and he can disconnect the coupling. They may also be used as a fixed liquid level gauge where the dip tube is part of the container.

All these valves incorporate a No. 54 drill size orifice.

An optional instruction plate with “Stop Filling When Liquid Appears’’ may be ordered for use with these valves.


    • Body (3165) Brass
    • Body (TSS3169) Stainless Steel
    • Seat Disc (3165) Resilient Synthetic Rubber
    • Seat Disc (3169) Teflon