Unloading Adapters for Container Evacuation 3119A and 3120

These brass connectors are especially designed to join the carburetor fuel line to the service valve on lift truck cylinders. Sturdy, long lasting ACME threads allow quick, hand-tight assembly that provides for quick and simple cylinder replacement. Back checks automatically close in each connector when disconnected.

The 7141M couples directly to the service valve. An integral O-ring is designed to seal before the internal check opens, aiding in product loss prevention. A gasket at the ACME thread is a secondary seal when the connectors are tightened together. The connector fits RegO® lift truck cylinder filling adapters for fast, convenient filling.

The 7141F accepts fuel line adapter and couples directly to the 7141M. The O-ring seal in the 7141M is designed to seal before the internal check opens to allow product to pass through the connection. The knurled coupling eases threading and the ACME threads provide rapid effortless make-up, even against LP-Gas pressure.

NOTE: Refer to the “Cylinder and Service Valves” section of the L-500 catalog for additional information.


    • Available in either angle or in-line type configurations.
    • Built-in vent valve provides for a controlled release of gas which may be trapped within the unit after use and also helps to indicate closure of the Filler Valve.
    • Integral plunger has two different lengths of travel, ¼” and ½”, depending on which way the lever is turned. Can be used with all RegO® Filler Valves.


Body Brass
Plunger Steel