Excess Flow Valves for Liquid or Vapor Withdrawal 2723C and A8013D Series

Materials 2723C

Body Brass
Valve Poppet Brass
Retainer Brass
Spring Stainless Steel

These valves are designed for bottom mounting in consumer storage tanks for liquid service. They may also be top mounted for vapor service. These valves are designed especially for use with RegO® globe and angle valves.


    • 2723C provides a ¾” dip pipe inlet connection for top-mounted liquid or bottom-mounted vapor requirements.
    • A8013D Series features a 2-position floating valve disc for faster, more efficient container filing.
    • Precision machined.
    • Stainless steel spring provides consistent closing flow and long service life.
    • Generous flow channels provide low pressure drop.

Materials A8013D Series

Body Cadmium Plated Steel
Body Cadmium Plated Steel
Disc Stainless Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Spring Stainless Steel
Guide Cadmium Plated Steel
Insert Stainless Steel